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Daytime Landscape - Construction paper craft

Try getting your kids to make a daytime landscape scene out of construction paper. Below are the Instructions to make the craft.

Here are a few examples of what my kids have made.


  • Sheet of blue construction paper
  • Sheet of green construction paper
  • Sheet of yellow construction paper
  • Sheet of white construction paper
  • Assorted colors of construction paper
  • Markers
  • Glue
  • Scissors

Instructions: To make your daytime landscape, you can follow these 7 easy steps:

Start with a blue sheet of construction paper. You will use this sheet to build your daytime landscape scene.

craft page

Step 2

Cut a piece of green paper in half (with a jagged top) to make grass.

craft page

Step 3

Glue the green grass onto the blue sheet.

craft page

Step 4

Cut out a sun from a sheet of yellow construction paper and glue it in the sky.

craft page

Step 5

Cut out a square for the base of the house.

Cut out a smaller square for a window.

Cut out a triangle for the roof of the house.

Glue these on. Then use a marker to add detail to the window.

craft page

Step 6

Cut out some cloud shapes from a sheet of white construction paper and glue them on.

craft page

Step 7

Let your kids glue or draw on any other details that they want.

craft page
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